Silverstone SF25 skate
3,500 HUF
(10.85 €)
3,500 HUF
(10.85 €)

Silverstone SF25 skate, fixed wheels, 2.5 ton


Fixed skates.

Skates can be used wherever heavy objects have to be moved. The large diameter nylon rollers ensure easy movement and spread the load evenly, protecting the floor or ground from damages caused by high point loads. A practical steel handle is welded onto the skate for easy and safe handling and positioning of the skates. The platforms of the skates are fitted with a rubber surface which helps grip and protect the object being moved. Powerful wheel pins. The wheels are mounted in rubber-sealed roller bearings (RS).

No of wheels-shaft: 2-2

Capacity (kg) 2500 kg
Weight (kg) 8 kg
Tyre type Nylon
Tyre size (ØxW) 85x90 mm
Outer dimensions 400x230x115 mm